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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world.”


Harri Olkinuora [NO]

Netlife AS - Head of Sales & Marketing

Harri Olkinuora is a proven leader with more than 17 years of experience in the photo finishing -and the volume photography industry.

He processes a unique blend of entrepreneurial spirit combined with deep passion for both technology and business development.

In his position as Head of Sales and Marketing @ Netlife, he has helped hundreds of businesses across the globe, providing trusted advice and comprehensive software solutions, to meet their strategies and goals.

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Marty Brown [US]

Excel Photographers

Marty Brown CEO Excel Photographers in Sacramento, CA USA.

Marty has demonstrated grit and determination throughout his 40 plus
years in the school photography industry. Starting out as a sole proprietor, he has proven that anyone with marginal photographic talents, minimal financial resources and the tenacity to work through the hard times can succeed in building a  profitable volume photography business.

Starting in 1984 he found the support and resources he needed to succeed by attending the School Photographers Association of California, (SPAC) conferences. At that time, it was little more than a Friday night party to kick off a weekend of revelry in Sin City (Las Vegas). It was a safe space where volume photographers could share
problems and seek advice to improve the profitability of their businesses.

Marty joined the board of SPAC in 2009 after years of decline and neglect. He has served as President and is now its CFO. During his
tenure SPAC has grown to be the premier conference and trade show serving the needs of high-volume school and sports photographers
from around the world.

Currently he has been working with a fantastic team to create a secure
space in Europe that will mirror the constructive and open environment that has been extremely helpful in the USA.

Thank you for attending SPAC-Europe.


Thomas Bloemer [DE]


Thomas Bloemer is Managing Shareholder and CEO of C.A.T.-Publishing Thomas Blömer GmbH, the leading publishing house for imaging and consumer electronics trade media in Germany. In the imaging industry, the company’s global publication INTERNATIONAL CONTACT for internatonal photo & imaging executives, and imaging+foto-contact, the leading German publication for photo & imaging trade have been successful and well known for several decades.

On behalf on photokina, the world’s leading imaging trade show, Thomas Bloemer organizes an annual innovation event and conference for top executives of imaging service providers, retailers and manufacturers. Known as „Business Forum Imaging Cologne” for more than ten years, it will be relaunched on an extended basis next year. The title and the dats of the conference will be announced soon.

Thomas Bloemer holds a Master of Arts degree of the University of Duesseldorf and is Member of the German Photographic Society.