Why we do this

In school photography (as in volume photography in general), customer purchase behaviour and product demand are changing rapidly, posing new challenges for all vendors in this industry. Photographers and service providers not only need to learn, listen and address the needs and desires of today’s parents, but also to adopt new digital technologies in workflow, communication and sales strategy.

Though the market is moving away from our traditional business models, there is plenty of opportunity in school photography, if we adapt to the new developments fast and efficiently.

SPAC Europe is dedicated to bringing all players in our industry together to exchange ideas and share experiences. Talking and listening to each other will help everybody to make the necessary changes and develop the market as a whole.

Mission and goal

Our ambition is to create a platform for education and awareness of the different solutions and options we have, so we can help each other. Our mission is also to create an active and creative community of industrial colleagues who can reach out to their peers as friends.

The goal is also to build an overseas bridge of knowledge that can create a global perspective by including and involving SPAC USA

For whom

Professional school photographers & school photo labs worldwide. This is the perfect event for those who are engaged and interested in asking for and giving advice, inspiring others and being inspired.


SPAC USA invites all school photography vendors to its phantastic learning hub and networking convention in Las Vegas next Spring.