About SPAC


What is SPAC Europe?

SPAC Europe is a dedicated conference for school – and sport photographers.

Our micro niche has a lot of challenges which need to be addressed, discussed and solved, not only by you alone, but also as an industry.

Our ambition is to create a platform for education where we can exchange ideas and share experiences. This will bring awareness of the different solutions and options we have, so we can help each other develop our business.

“Let’s all give, to inspire others to give, because we all need to be inspired to change, so we can be a part of tomorrow.”

The first conference was held in September 2018 and all the seats were taken within a few weeks, and with people on waiting lists. The room was fully packed with volume photographers from 18 nations. The atmosphere was just brilliant, mainly because we all were following the ethos let’s “collaborate not collide”, and you know what… people started talking to each other, sharing ideas and their challenges, even with their closest competitors. For many of us, this was the starting point of building lifelong relationships.

SPAC Europe 2020 will be different in many ways.

It’s time to discuss the difficult topics in our industry. The topics which are hardly discussed outside your business, although mean so much for your success. 


Let’s unite once more, welcome to SPAC Europe.

The conference is held at the same time and place as Photokina, the world’s leading fair for imaging.