Global Survey

Would it be interesting for you to measure yourself with your competitors, and to know how they work?


And would it be interesting for you to get a better understanding on how your colleagues in other countries, solve the same challenges as you are facing?


I would like to invite you all to attend a global market survey for the volume photography industry.


This survey is intended to be taken by professionals who are photographing kindergartens, schools and junior sports.


Although we share many of the same challenges in our micro niche photographing kids, we tend to solve them differently and with different outcomes. The intention behind this survey is to highlight the similarities and differences in how volume photography is organized and managed in different countries across the globe. 


This new insight will give us all a better understanding of important trends affecting our industry, and also give you new ideas on how to develop and future-proof your business.


The result of this survey will be displayed at the conference. If you can not attend the conference, a summary of this survey will be sent to you by email during this fall. 


Your individual answers are of course 100% confidential, and the result will be published on a general level.


The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete and the majority of questions are multiple choice, related to your day-to-day operation. 


I have divided this survey into five sections containing questions related to photoday, workflow, sales, complementaries and most important, how we can form our future as a united industry.


PS! The survey do not contain any questions related to your business advantages which are considered confidential. Your survey data will not be stored, until you give consent by finalizing the survey. This mean you can opt-out at any time. 


Please help us spread the word about this survey, so we all can be part of tomorrow. 


Thank you for your help and your participation!